A minimalistic [awesome] to do list for Android

Noodles is simplest, most intuitive to do list app in the Android Market, ever. Yeah I said it.

Icon courtesy of Johan H. Basberg why is it purple? why not.


  • Quick and simple UI
  • Drag-and-drop rearranging
  • Swipe to cross off
  • Purge to delete all cross off items
  • Auto generated details from second line of entry
  • Sorting by priority and completion
  • Switch between lists with the buttons on top (this also allows you to copy items between lists)
  • Import/export to SD card
  • A new Today widget!


3.0.8 Bugfixes
3.0.0 New Holo UI Theme. Requires Android 2.1+
2.10.2 Widget performance tweaks and fixed bug where stars display incorrectly when scrolled out of view
2.10.1 A bugfix for a curious widget issue in froyo
2.10 The much requested widget is here!
2.9.2 Fixed bug where you can't delete first 2 lists if you have today/tomorrow lists turned off
2.9.1 Added option to turn off Today and Tomorrow lists, performance updates, bugfixes
2.9 Added special Today and Tomorrow Lists
2.8.2 Fixed reversed "sort by crossed" option, and rare force close when rearranging lists
2.8.1 Fixed force close bug when you delete an item
2.8 Added alphabetical sort
2.7.1 "Add to End" now applies to lists as well
2.7 Move to list option
2.6.1 Clickable links in notes (i.e. URLs, emails, phone numbers)
2.6 Import/Export via SD card